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With the innovative Online Video Platform from movingimage, your videos are quickly and flexibly shared on every end device with Internet access.  You host your videos via the Web browser, integrate them in websites and subsequently stream them in top quality. Highly advanced video technology enables you to allow access of your videos on online portals, on the intranet and in social networks – without the use of additional software. Last but not least, a state-of-the-art API guarantees integration in all established systems (CMS, DAM, PIM). Share and manage your video files in compliance with the highest security standards and take advantage of optimised workflows.

Deka Investmentfonds

"We decided in favour of the VideoManager to easily distribute videos to sales partners and end customers."

Bayer AG

"We use the VideoManager to embed and share the content of our video centre globally on other websites."

Stage Entertainment

"Watch trailers or share, send and post videos directly on Facebook – the VideoManager makes it all possible."


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